In this tutorial ,we are going to use “Docker: Enterprise Container Platform” ( on Ubuntu 19.10.
As , still there is on official zoneminder issued for Ubuntu 19.10 due dependency issues, the best option is to use docker Zoneminder to overcome dependency problems and to avoid conflicts with the default setup of Ubuntu 19.10
Installation of Docker on Ubuntu 19.10

On the Ubuntu terminal

sudo apt install

Then use , bkjaya1952/docker-zoneminder-master Docker Repository to make a container . ( This image has been created on Ubuntu 19.04 disco )

sudo docker create -t -p 8085:80 --shm-size=4096m -e TZ=Asia/Colombo --name myzm --privileged=true bkjaya1952/docker-zoneminder-master:v1.33.16.

Note :- use your timezone instead of "TZ=Asia/Colombo"

For configuring MSMTP for emailing zoneminder motion detection events, please refer the following link.

Open http://localhost:8085/zm/ and add the camera monitors

And fill up email details under the Optons/email of the ZM-Panel

Create appropriate zm-filter to send email alerts of motion detection events

sudo docker start myzm

Figure:- 1 After adding Camera monitors to ZM

The scripts of the Dockerfile are as shown in the following figure

Figure:-2 The scripts of the Dockerfile
To download the Dockerfile

To download the

Please refer my following blog to know about the building an image and pushing to the Docker Hub

Acknowledgements : Based on Zoneminder and Andrew Bauer’s entrypoint script