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Thread: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

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    Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    I have used a Maxtor4 external drive since 2012 successfully. Last year I used it as a PVR drive but now wish to reset it for Windows, but Windows does not recognise it. Can anybody assist please. Please don't be too technical as my 85 year old brain is a bit slow where technical terms are used. Thank you.

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    Re: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    This doesn't appear to be anything to do with Ubuntu, so I've moved this thread from New to Ubuntu to our Windows sub-forum.

    I believe that PVR devices often use Linux filesystems which are not recognised by Windows, so what you would need to do is to reformat the Maxtor drive to the NTFS filesystem, but you are being hindered by Windows not recognising the drive. I'm sure there is a way to get Windows to do this, either with its own utilities, or with a 3rd party application. I haven't used Windows for years, so I can't help with that, but if you state which version of Windows you are using, other forum members may be able to help.

    Alternatively, do you have access to, and familiarity with, an Ubuntu system? You did, after all, join this Ubuntu forum. If so, it's a fairly easy task in Ubuntu to reformat the drive to NTFS.
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    Re: Maxtor4 external drive not now recognised by windows

    Not only Windows recognise very few file systems but it suggest to format the partitions.
    So making sure you loose everything on them.
    In France most ISP boxes use Linux so when you plug an USB disk with lots of file systems
    on them they appear in Windows file manager and you can read/write on them.
    I hope this tip can be useful in other countries.
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