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Thread: Lubuntu - system tray vanished and battery issues

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    Lubuntu - system tray vanished and battery issues

    I have no idea what is the cause of these issues, which have occurred suddenly and simultaneously, hence posting in General. Mods feel free to move.

    I'm using Lubuntu 18.04 on a laptop. This morning the system tray / task bar (which I have docked at the bottom) vanished and restart didn't recover it. I created a different account and it does show up if I log in there. Occasionally when I restart it looks as though it is about to reappear at the bottom of the screen and then disappears. I have searched and tried various solutions but so far without success.

    However, I then noticed that my laptop now won't run without the mains supply and the battery shows 0%. This may or may not be a complete coincidence - a couple of years ago I had a similar battery issue which suddenly righted itself.

    The battery thing is a pain, but if it's the same issue as before it will either go away or I'll eventually get fed up and order a new battery. FWIW, when I log in as the new user and see the task bar, the battery still shows as 0%.

    Any ideas or advice will be greatly appreciated.

    Edited to add: A side effect of this is that minimised windows disappear entirely so I can't even tell what I've got open....
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    Re: Lubuntu - system tray vanished and battery issues

    Are you talking about the LXPanel? Check to make sure that you do not have it minimized when not in use.
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    Re: Lubuntu - system tray vanished and battery issues

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I think lxpanel is what I mean.....cetainly if it's meant to look like this

    But the bar at the bottom is not there, doesn't reappear on hover, or click, or anything else that I've so far thought of.
    On boot, it appears as a flashing but empty bar then disappears.

    My icons are still there but I can't start anything unless I do so from the terminal.

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    Re: Lubuntu - system tray vanished and battery issues

    Well after a couple of hours off and unplugged, it has started up again without the cable in it (only 0.25% battery so quickly plugged in) and the system tray is back.

    So I have no idea either what caused it or what fixed it.

    However I did, just before switching it back on again, remove the battery and hold the power switch for 20s. It's in the back of my mind that I read that somewhere once. Don't know whether that was what did the trick or not, but anyway, for now it's up and running.

    When I'm confident about the battery I may try a reinstall of 18.04 but had been hoping to hang on until 20.04 is ready.


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