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Thread: Trouble with Tongfang laptops?

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    Trouble with Tongfang laptops?

    I am planning on buying a Wootware laptop at the following link:

    This laptop is actually manufactured by Tongfang, a Chinese white-label manufacturer, and has model number GK5CP6V.

    Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with installing Ubuntu on a Tongfang laptop?
    Will everything work out of the box or do I need to find drivers for WiFi/Bluetooth/etc. somewhere? If the latter, does anyone know where I can find such drivers? I tried looking on the Tongfang website but I can't find this specific model there.

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    Re: Trouble with Tongfang laptops?

    The brand is virtually unknown in Europe and USA so your chances of getting an authoritative answer from other user are slim to none.

    But the hardware is pretty standard and reliable. Ubuntu or flavors should install and run fine.

    The WiFi is also standard across all brand therefore it depends on the actual card used and, like any other brand, mainstream or not, even the same model can be supplied with different cards. The general rule is Intel and Atheros usually don't require additional drivers and work perfectly fine out of the box; most Realtek ones are also supported but some very new chipsets may need user installed drivers; Broadcom almost always require proprietary drivers but are easy to install (there's a sticky thread with instructions in the Networking section).

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