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Thread: LightDM freezing occasionally.

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    LightDM freezing occasionally.

    Hi there, and happy new year!

    I've been having this problem for a bit more than 6 months now - with many different versions of Xubuntu. Right now I'm on 19.10.
    When I log-into my desktop session (Using LightDM) sometimes nothing happens - the authentication dialog just disappears and it just takes around 6mn to login and segue into the desktop.
    When this bug occurs, I am able to get a console TTY and this is what I noticed - there is an additional child process for LightDM in comparison to when it actually works

    Here is a screenie of the LightDM process tree using `htop` as `root`:


    If I kill the process `lightdm --session-child 17 20` (Itself with two children) then the loading instantaneously resumes and I end up on my session.

    Any ideas please?
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: LightDM freezing occasionally.

    Bump, anyone with a similar problem or an idea on how to diagnose please? How would one determine the reasons behind a child `lightdm` process to be spawned in the first instance?



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