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Thread: ReInstalling Windows 7

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    Re: ReInstalling Windows 7

    Quote Originally Posted by hayvtv View Post
    You can't BOOT and use the CD to reinstall the windows 7 operating system?
    Ok, Then what to do to just wipe the drive clean? I will let them worry about putting an OS on it, Thanks

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    Re: ReInstalling Windows 7

    I understand some folks want to keep Windows 7 for personal reasons, but for a give away, or a sale...forget it!

    It takes way too long to install and Update. And if you don't know what you are doing you will never get it to fully update, unless maybe if it is a OEM CD, then maybe you will get all your updates without hassle.

    You'd be better off installing windows 10, skipping the Product Key, and Activating once you get it installed. Then all you might need to do is find a driver or two.

    Acer aspire 3100! OMG, Toss that thing in the trash lol. Did it come with Windows 7???? or XP or Vista?

    Now that I looked at it, and don't even know if I was looking at the right one as you didn't post the full model, put Linux Back on it as it won't run Windows 7 worth a pea!

    Please post the exact model. And, I didn't realize till now there is a second page of this thread arrgggg.
    Dell Optiplex 9010, i7, 8GB RAM, 500GB WD Black 2.5" HDD, Windows 7 Pro Kubuntu 18.04.1 Dual Boot, And confused as hell haha

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