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Thread: MPV hwdec CUDA HEVC

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    MPV hwdec CUDA HEVC

    I have some trouble reading some HEVC mkv with cuda Hwdec and MPV

    I have GTX 1060 and some video works perfectly HW Decoding with MPV and some other (I would say 50/50 chance) start with a big green screen and bug after a minute of playback.
    Thing is, these broken playback works flawlessly without HWDEC options (on CPU)

    I have the 440 NVidia driver installed from the run file on their website.

    Wondering if I am doing something wrong or it is the nvidia implementation that is buggy?

    Maybe thinking of getting a RX 560 instead. Would that be better option?

    Running LUbuntu LTS 18.04
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    Re: MPV hwdec CUDA HEVC

    I just updated MPV with PPA, and use nvdec instead all working now


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