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Thread: Cheap tablet that linux can run

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    Cheap tablet that linux can run

    I'm looking for option to buy a cheap tablet (or any computer device) just to take notes in college, i just need something with linux installed that can run libreoffice
    If you have hardware suggestions or opinions that guide me to know if it is possible. Any thought is gonna be appreciate
    Sorry for my bad inglés
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    Re: Cheap tablet that linux can run

    Tablets pre-installed with a Linux distro are probably non-existent, or at least very difficult to find. Installing a Linux distro on a tablet designed for another operating system is possible, but you need to research which models are suitable, and the effort involved in getting it all to work may not be worth it for such a straightforward requirement. I do have a pragmatic suggestion though, but if you have a principled objection to Google, this may not be for you. I will make the suggestion anyway.

    How about a Chromebook? You can get small ones. You can ones with touchscreens that can double as a tablet if you fold the keyboard around and if that is what you want. And most are (relatively) inexpensive. Don't bother about trying to install a Linux distro on it. Just use the ChromeOS that it comes with.

    You won't be able to install Libreoffice, but you can use Google Docs for note-taking. If you don't have internet access while in college you can use Google Docs offline and sync your files once you have access to the internet. There's also Google Sheets for spreadsheets. If you don't want Google storing your notes in their cloud, there are some (free) word-processors and text editors in the Play Store - Chromebooks can run many Android apps, although I haven't myself tried any of the available text editors.

    One thing I like about Chromebooks is that there is a rudimentary file manager, and with USB ports I can transfer files the old-fashioned way if I don't have access to the internet. Unlike a certain product of one fruit-flavoured company I can think of!

    Food for thought. Good luck!
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    Re: Cheap tablet that linux can run

    pine tab is coming out soon and will be Linux from the get go the pinebook is already available and cheap

    Here's the price page

    The pro is pricier but still cheap


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