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Thread: Network Shares - Linux Mint to Win 10

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    Network Shares - Linux Mint to Win 10

    Im a win10 user recently moved to Linux Mint.

    Windows 10 is set up correctly in terms of Networking, my windows devices can see each other on the network.

    Within Linux Mint file manager is 'Network'.

    When I click on 'Network' it says 'Windows Network'. When I click on that it sees my broadband. When I click on that it sees what I think is my router named vodafone. If I click on vodafone I get a blank page.

    I was kind of expecting when clicking windows network I would see all my windows and Networked devices such as xbox, printers, Wind10 etc but I don't

    How do you get Linux Networking to see all networked devices?

    I have a slight workaround. There's an option to 'connect to a server' within Mint File manager. This works. I have to specify hostname/sharename. I cant access c$ like windows (I dont normally create loads of shares, I usually access the c or d$ - is this possible when on Windows. I guess linux needs to connect or see a share.

    Anyways, back to my original question I would really like all network devices to show, but they dont.

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    Re: Network Shares - Linux Mint to Win 10

    Moved to MINT.

    Mint is derived from Ubuntu, but it is a separate distribution. While a solution to your problem may be similar to Ubuntu, there may be nuances that make this sub-forum a better place for your query.
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