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Thread: Play me a song, Ubuntu.

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    Play me a song, Ubuntu.

    My machine is a Ryzen 7, 16GB of RAM with an NVIDIA 750ti running Ubuntu MATE 18.04.
    What I'd like to do is have this system play a song, one specific song, once every day at a specific time of the day. It's an 8 MB .mp3 file.I typically listen to audio files with VLC or Audacious.

    How can I automate the playing of one song as a schedule? Thank you.

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    Re: Play me a song, Ubuntu.

    The first few sections here should get you up to speed on cron:

    As for the command, mpg123 is a simple program that should do what you want:
    sudo apt-get install mpg123
    mpg123 <path to file>


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