Dear all, Happy new year's

I've recently started using Ubuntu (the 19 edition) in combination with
the mullvad app on a laptop.

The app seems to work fine at first, connects, no issues. However, after
not using the internet for a bit (a minute or 2 seems to be enough),
internet is broken.

The mullvad app still indicates a successful connection but trying to
connect to any service wont work. The Ubuntu network manager indicates
a ? sign for the wifi connection indication.

As soon as I disconnect the mullvad app internet starts to work again.
If I then reconnect the app it works again for a bit until it seems to
time out again with no clue given.

Do you have any experience with this or any clue on how to resolve this?
I prefer the mullvad VPN app over the openVPN interface.

It feels like the app's been put into sleep by ubuntu, is this a possibility?