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Thread: Install ON an SD card -- Mac Mini mid-2011

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    Install ON an SD card -- Mac Mini mid-2011

    A Raspberry Pi can boot from an SD card, so why not a Mac Mini? Actually, it CAN. I successfully installed Catalina on an SD card and booted from the SD card. (Not the Catalina installer, the actual installation, like a hard drive) Yes, it is slower than dog slow, but it works. I tried to do the same with Ubuntu. I put a Ubuntu installer on a flash drive, and after booting the flash drive, the Ubuntu Live environment does not see the SD card hardware. Any ideas?

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    Re: Install ON an SD card -- Mac Mini mid-2011

    I just tried this (the part about booting from USB and then not seeing the SD card). I was able to use Disks utility to see/mount the SD. Did you try that?

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