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Thread: Is it possible to find Linux Macbook taken in home invasion?

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    Is it possible to find Linux Macbook taken in home invasion?

    Hello all, I am new to this community, although I have been a long time user of Linux/Unix on desktops, laptops, servers, etc for the last decade or so. I have used many distros including Gentoo, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, etc.

    Unfortunately about a week ago, someone left the latch on the back sliding door unlocked, and my macbook was taken during the night. Its a 2012 Macbook pro 10.1 running a dual boot with Ubuntu 19.10 as default, and MacOS 10.8 Mountain Lion as an alternate. A little old by today's standards, but running Linux, its rock solid. I barely ever used MacOS, but at least had set up "find my mac" when I first got it.
    Ubuntu is set to auto-boot to the desktop without credentials into a "guest" sort of account. Always figured if anyone ever took it I wanted to make sure they were easily able to connect to a wifi nearby.
    We have reported this to the police, and have spoken to Apple directly about it. Both of which have been extremely unhelpful.
    The real issue real issue is, I need to find a fellow Macbook user who either runs Linux, or can try booting up their macbook with a Ubuntu(or other) live-drive. I need to know whether you are able to use the "find my mac" feature on your icloud account to locate your Macbook when running Linux/Ubuntu, assuming it is network connected.
    I was told by the Apple store that it would not matter what os the macbook was running, that it would still show up on find my mac. Now i'm not so sure. It has been silent for over a week.
    According to the police, these sorts of things change hands almost immediately after being taken, and continue to do so until someone with the skills to use it gets ahold of it. So the odds that it is just sitting somewhere collecting dust are pretty slim. Not that it would be hard with no password. Somebody has to be willing to pay for it, for it to be worth stealing, which means they have to be able to use it!

    If you need any help getting the livedrive to work with your particular hardware, I should be able to help. It was a little backwards getting the wifi device working on mine, but pretty simple still, just a few clicks in the right places. I am guessing newer devices hopefully may not have this issue.

    Please if you have any information at all that would be of any help at all I would appreciate it so much!
    All other outlets have failed me, this is my last straw.

    Thank you all so much!

    @wildmanne39 You are right, that was a lot. I have done my best to thin it out to include the most pertinent points. This has been a very stressful experience for me so I apologize.
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    Re: Can my Linux Macbook still be found?

    Hello, that is so much to read, I suggest you edit your post and only include the question, you will be much more likely to get an answer.
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