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Thread: Suggestion for Software Catalogue

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    Suggestion for Software Catalogue

    When I first started out with Ubuntu this really bothered me, and has up to now: The Software Center is bulky and not intuitive for finding new software. Who needs a screenful of large icons that don't give any information?
    Then go to the 'Installed' tab and find the layout much better and informative... It's a little bit of an irony. Uninstalling software is much easier than installing them.
    I usually get frustrated real quick and resort to googling the Internet for my needs. And I learned real quick how to install using the terminal.
    However, for beginners, the solution would be:
    have a short pop-up description for each entry when hovering the mouse over it, to get an idea what the software is about, like Wikipedia does when you hover over a link.
    Or: use smaller icons, put them in list-format with rudimentary information next to them.

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    Re: Suggestion for Software Catalogue

    Not a support request, Moved to Ubuntu, Linux, and OS chat

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