I'm using Pulse audio because Alsa doesn't seem to work with OBS and I'm using (PaulseAudio Volume Control) to turn my Snowball usb mic gain up a bit past 100%.
Since I started using (PaulseAudio Volume Control) video playback from any source, including Youtube and my own, auto play through PulseEffects instead of directly through the line out or headphones. This causes the mic to mix in, the audio from the video to stop and a deafening echo to start if on speakers. I have to unplug the mic when I want to play any videos, go into sound settings and switch to built in or headphones and continue the video. I tried installing PulseEffects APP to see if I could turn off the mixing of audio sources, but I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm also a bit confused on how PaulseAudio decided to use PulseEffects but it wasn't originally installed?.
I much preferred Alsa for it's simplicity, but the mic needs some amplification and OBS doesn't detect the USB mic without Pulse... Unless I just need something to get that to work?.

Any help would be great please.