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Thread: Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

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    Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

    Hi, first time poster.

    I did a search but couldnt find anything relevant.

    I have a early 2008 Macbook Pro with the Intel processor (specs:

    Mac OS Yosemite is the last and latest I could have on my HW, so I wanted to change OS to something better and downloaded Ubuntu 19.1. I created a USB boot disk and followed the install process. After installation it asked me to remove the install medium and restart. I did. During reboot, it gets stuck on the purple screen. Further research revealed that this is because of video card drivers (mine has a nVidia Geforce built in). Steps to disable video card (nomodeset command) involves opening the terminal, which I am not able to do since I cannot log into the machine. I am also not able to get to a screen where I can press "e" to edit the grub command lines. I am only able to get to screen with "minimal bash-like line editing is supported" message, by hitting the escape key repeatedly during laptop boot-up. I am not able to find anything to help me log into the system, after which I will be able to update the system and fix the display drivers. (like this one -

    I also followed the steps for partitioning and reinstall Ubuntu, in case there were some issues relating to this. The link I followed -

    Can anyone help me with this. Thank you very much!

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    Re: Ubuntu on Macbook Pro

    Thread moved to Apple Hardware Users a more appropriate sub-forum.


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