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Thread: disappointed by Ubuntu 18

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    Re: disappointed by Ubuntu 18

    I don't know how good you (the OP) is good with computers, but it's pretty easy to backup your files, use an app like unetbootin and install something else. There are literally hundreds of versions of Linux. Ubuntu isn't the Windows of Linux, you don't have to use it. Ubuntu is packaged with alternatives such as kde, mate, xfce. Canonical will keep going the path they think is best. I expect monetization of the OS is a desire and a future goal especially if Windows ever goes OSS. I personally don't like the default DE, but to be popular you (canonical) has to please most people and has to have a hook to get new users interested in using their operating system and I think for gnome and unit it's been a case if you can't beat them, join them and imitate them.

    Linux is a modular system. You can install dolphin or any other file manager and use it instead of nautilus. Better yet, if you don't want to re-install a different flavor of gnu/inux you can install kde or xfce, etc to your existing install and switch to any one of them when you login. So one day you can be using kde with dolphin or the next day you could be using mate with caja.
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    Re: disappointed by Ubuntu 18

    So, to reiterate the issue: UBuntu 18.04 is a regression with respect to 16; I don't really care whether it's the DE or the OS, the result is disappointment.

    I know how to run backups with rsync, to give an example, and am an avid user of Bash (and am turning away from Snap, another failure in my eyes). But I have always been used to see improvement with every new version of an OS, not regression; this is the first time I encounter such an oddity. I realise the switch from Unity to Gnome must not have been taken lightly, nevertheless it is a regression. With all respect, I believe Gnome might have its followers, but Unity has given me a lot of pleasure I miss in Gnome.

    I'll have a look at KUbuntu, thanks for the suggestion. I've long heard good things about KDE and was always fond of Qt, now is probably the moment to switch.

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