I have a fair bit of experience with zfs already having been a long time user of openindian/hipster. (An open source offshoot of solaris)

zfs is native to openindiana so have used zfs/zpool a fair bit.

However, a search the focal fossa apt repo shows the basic zfsutils but also at least 2 tools that claim to do auto snapshots.
then a few other things: libzfs2linux claims to be openzfs library for linux... apparently not the same zfs as in zfsutils, l grubzfs-testsuite... and a few more.

Goggle pages offering to explain how to install zfs on ubuntu only mention zfsutils. Actually that is wrong too, several googled pages say to
`apt-get install zfs' which, of course, does not exist on focal fossa default pkg repository.

Hard to tell just from `aptitude show' whats' what, so hoping someone who has been using zfs on focal fossa a while will coach me a little