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Thread: Installling MariaDB with phpmyadmin access

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    Re: Installling MariaDB with phpmyadmin access

    Hi. I decided for now I'm just going to leave it at a regular mariadb installation. I would have prefered using phpmyadmin with it, but since it got so complicated, I just decided I'd do it some other time. I can survive with just the core database, + mariadb is better than mysql anyway.

    I also managed to apply the backup onto the new mariadb database by simply stopping the mariadb service, replacing backed up contents in /var/log/mysql and changing permisions with chmod, then starting the mariadb service again.

    In any case, I REALLY appreciate your assistance and patience with this

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    Re: Installling MariaDB with phpmyadmin access

    It is best to let the database server just be a database server. You could setup a different machine to be a web server though and plop the adminer file on it. I have a tutorial on how to setup an Apache server as well as others that might interest you.


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