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Thread: emac. G4 1.25 RV280 [RADEON 9200]

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    Re: emac. G4 1.25 RV280 [RADEON 9200]

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    Re: emac. G4 1.25 RV280 [RADEON 9200]

    If you want a much more painfree experience with Linux on G3/G4/G5 hardware just skip this outdated distro and use another one. Also G3/G4/G5 PPC is no longer supported by Ubuntu.

    These are (better) alternatives with bootable isos, current software (working browser, etc.) and current kernels: (64bit only, USB boot image)

    Also no need to fiddle around with yaboot any longer. Void and Adelie use grub just like you know it from Linux on regular x64_64 hardware.
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