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Thread: TaskBars Keep Locking Up

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    Re: TaskBars Keep Locking Up

    I still don't use Gnome, so I can't help you with the problem, but I can say that you can run the two commands together to save yourself some small annoyance;

    killall gnome-panel && gnome-panel &
    will kill the panels then, if that succeeds, launch them again - in the background so that you shouldn't need to keep your terminal window open.

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    Re: TaskBars Keep Locking Up

    Well... new piece of the puzzle. Both top and bottom task bars are locked up. I tried the [killall gnome-panel] trick again, but this time, the task bars aren't dying. I tried running that with -9. I tried running it as sudo... nothing. So that works when only the top bar is frozen, but not when both are.

    I cannot believe that I am the only one this has ever happened to. Who am I kidding? I only have issues no one else has ever had.....

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