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Thread: Looking for "be evil" games? Look here

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    Looking for "be evil" games? Look here

    I love to be the villains in games, they got the coolest things and awesome monsters. So I have been searching steam for such games and here's some I will share with you. Please add to the list if you find a game that fall into the category. So what's new in the "be evil" games?

    The first one I found is Iratus: Lord of the Dead.
    Note: Early access only have a Window version, but if you enable proton in steam you can play it. Linux client will come. Also there's 34% discount on the game at the moment.

    The next is Legend of Keepers
    There's no release date on it yet, but if you scroll down there's a free prologue you can play.

    Please add to the list.

    *under construction*
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    Re: Looking for "be evil" games? Look here

    TES games are such games. they work on Wine. but also there is a good port of Morrowind (openMW).

    i think most open world games give this option (kind of).
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    Re: Looking for "be evil" games? Look here

    In Tyranny, the evil warlord has already conquered the continent save for one province, and you portray an emmisary of that warlord. You can be nice, or you can be pretty evil.

    And, all the Elder Scrolls games allow free gameplay, as mastablasta said.

    OpenMW is a far better engine for Morrowind (which a lot of TES players consider the best) than the original engine, and is most highly recommended.

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