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Thread: Setting up Server on Ubuntu server with no GUI

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    Setting up Server on Ubuntu server with no GUI

    Im new to Ubuntu server and i Installed LAMP and Vesta Control Panel but im having trouble pointing my domain to my Control Panel, or whatever my domain needs to point to in the name-servers. Like i said new to this and dont really know what im doing

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    Re: Setting up Server on Ubuntu server with no GUI

    Does the server have a public IP address, or is it behind a router?

    Where are your domain name records hosted? If the computer has a public address, you need at least an "A" record that points its name to its address like:
    www     IN     A
    If you have a mail server, your domain needs one or more "MX" records as well, directing incoming mail for the domain to the mail server.

    Beyond this is more complicated than I want to get into. This article is a bit technical, but then DNS is a technical subject:
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