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Thread: New Windows Terminal - suitable PuTTY replacement?

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    New Windows Terminal - suitable PuTTY replacement?

    Microsoft is offering a new terminal application for Windows 10 (available in the May 2019 update from the Windows Store). It supports tabs, and can co-exist in tabs alongside Windows command prompt, WSL bash and PowerShell sessions. A preview edition is available now.

    Unlike PuTTY, it supports tabs, Unicode, GPU rendering and themes. What isn't clear is if it contains ssh support built-in, or if you would have to open a bash shell in WSL and then ssh from there.

    Some more information here:

    Has anyone tried this to log into Ubuntu/Linux systems from Windows, or plan on trying it?
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    Re: New Windows Terminal - suitable PuTTY replacement?

    Thanks for the info but it needs a recent version of W10. As mine refuses to update
    I'm stuck to 1803 and will continue using PUTTY as on all my Windows machine since
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