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Windows has programs that let you run an .iso file, such as https://www.redfox.bz/en/download.html. You can see how it works here :https://www.intowindows.com/installi...rive-method-2/

Are there any programs that will do the same in Ubuntu? It messed up my Windows 7 boot and I was wondering if I can install without burning another DVD or USB drive, bc I don't want to empty one.
your post has a lot of vague references, making it hard to understand what you want to do. where you say "It messed up ...", people are unsure what "it" refers to. very few things will "mess up Windows 7", so we are guessing. it looks like you are trying to re-install Windows 7. i have heard that Windows 7 has a kind of rescue disk. if si,the PC itself should be able to boot it. we don't know if it could mess up Ubuntu.

normally PCs boot .iso recorded on a disk. but you said "run an .iso file". that sounds like you need a virtual machine. it would run the .iso file, but you can't get easy access the the drive in the normal fashion. unless you have a 2nd hard drive, virtual installing will be quite a difficult task because the one drive hosts both the systems. having systems on separate drives would be a lot better. having separate PCs would be the ultimate (lets you run both at the sane time,