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Thread: Ubuntu Pantheon Remix

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    Lightbulb Ubuntu Pantheon Remix

    Hello, I am working on an _Ubuntu Pantheon Remix_ to be a flavor of Ubuntu. I was wondering who would be interested in joining the helping of my project? The Pantheon desktop is made and popularized by elementary OS. I love the desktop, and so do others, however I do not 100% like the features and changes elementary makes with their distribution. I will need a few people to help with the Twitter handle, Debian packaging, testing, distributing, web design, and other things if required.

    Anyone willing to help please contact me on either Telegram **[ Nettly_Dev ]** or Discord **[ Nettly_#6672 ]**.


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    Re: Ubuntu Pantheon Remix

    Moved to the Cafe. This is not a support question for an official flavor.

    You are free to talk about your project here in a general and non-official manner. But a warning: we have dealt severely with others who have attempted to make the UF their personal project planning/coordination/development platform for such things.

    Don't do that. Find another venue.
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    Re: Ubuntu Pantheon Remix

    I'd love to help support something like this. I have very little coding skills (I'm currently learning python). is there any other way i could contribute as a newbie?
    I've used Elementary OS a few times and I think it would be awesome to have it as a Ubuntu flavor!

    - Gaz

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