Dear all,

I installed Ubuntu 19.10 on my MacBookPro12.1 (13,3", early 2015, Intel Iris Graphics 6100).
It worked out of the box for about a week till one time I open it and the screen stayed black.
Same thing happend when booting MacOS.

I opend the case and disconnected the battery and ssd (following a youtube tutorial).
This restored the screen for MacOS, but not for Linux.

I tried:
* different disributions (fedora, suse ...) and verison (ubuntu 18.04 ...) - all the same behavior.
* no modeset as kernel parameter

Linux works on an external attached screen (I have to close the macbook for that.)
On bootup at a certain point the internal screen turns black (after the grub manager,
backlight turns also off).

I would love to find a solution and started to look at logs... but i have no clear idea
what to look for. Any idea (or where to ask) is welcome.