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Thread: Ubuntu 18.04 filesystem filling up

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    Ubuntu 18.04 filesystem filling up

    Hello guys

    I'm facing a strange problems, in an ubuntu 18.04 i have the disk full, and if i run df -h i see that i'm using 100% of the disk, but if i run du -h / --max-length=1 i see that the disk is about 600 GB of 3 TB( there is only the /partition ). I saw the same using the Disk Usage analyzer.

    Anyone of you can tell me to understand what is happening?

    i have googled it the problem and i try to run thins command sudo lsof | grep 'deleted' thatare, from what i have understood, deleted files but still present on the disk and from the output of this command we can see a list of file that however i don't know how to delete. These could be the ones causing the problem?

    At the end the problems was solved rebooting the Workstation, this has deleted all these 'cached files', but i would like to understand what caused this problem....

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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04 filesystem filling up

    Keep an eye out for this happening again and if it does can you show us the output of
    du -h -d 1 | sort -h
    which will show us where in the filesystem all that space is being used; my bet would be a runaway log of some kind in /var/log but let's look a bit further.
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    Re: Ubuntu 18.04 filesystem filling up

    Using du command there is'nt any specific big file/folder. Home Folder was about 560 GB and it was the biggest. I've checked /root and /var if there was some strange big file, but nothing. But if you run df -h you stll saw the / partition full, 100% of the disk used.

    If there was some hidden/cached files i really don't know where to look for.


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