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Thread: is there a sub-forum to do test posting?

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    is there a sub-forum to do test posting?

    i want to try something in a test post to verify that what i want to do can be done and won't cause problems. many forums not around here have a test sub-forum for people to try out things. in many of them, the posts vanish in 2 minutes or so, so that it doesn't become a haven for posting scammers and doesn't need to be monitored, yet members can still see how things work. i don't see anything like that around here, but maybe i am overlooking something. maybe it is an obscurely located sub-sub-forum that i can't see because there is no way to get a flat list of everything.
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    Re: is there a sub-forum to do test posting?

    No. There is no such sub-forum here.
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