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Thread: Ubuntu 19.10 installation freezes

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    Ubuntu 19.10 installation freezes

    Hi, it's all the day I'm trying to install Ubuntu 19.10 on my machine. I tried in all the modes: normal installation, safe graphics and trial mode. The installation freezes while it's copying the files. Moreover i noticed that during the installation the speed of the fans of my computer increases a lot. Hardware: mobo Gigabyte B360 HD3, cpu i5-8400, 8gb ram, gpu nvidia gtx 1050ti and i'm trying to install the os on the ssd samsung 860 evo 250 gb. Finally i have an hdd with my data. I'm installing using the boot from usb.
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    Re: Ubuntu 19.10 installation freezes

    Change your installing source, it may be corrupted, otherwise you may have problem of hard disk.
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    Re: Ubuntu 19.10 installation freezes

    You haven't said what Ubuntu 19.10 you are trying to install, but did you verify the download was perfect ( and write to your install media was likewise flawless ( which will assume you're talking about desktop). They'd be what I checked first (esp. the CDIntegrityCheck where CD refers to whatever your install media is, eg. usb-thumb-drives for me usually)

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