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Thread: gimp 2.10.??

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    gimp 2.10.??

    I am trying to get gimp up and running. I have had it on my machine for a long time and now its upgraded to the latest and greatest. However, I am not convinced its right. If I goto ubuntu software they have two gimps. One is snap and one is not. Ubuntu software tells me that the non-snap version is installed (v. 2.10.14) and the snap version is not. When I do a search of my home directory I find that there is a pile of gimp stuff in my snap directories as well as elsewhere.

    So, my first question does this seem to be right? (gimp in both snap and non-snap whilst non snap is the one installed). My thought is that, perhaps, I should just delete ALL gimp stuff, regardless of location and then re-install the complete package. I suspect that the easiest may be to install the non-snap version but, then again, maybe not.

    this all started with trying to install a couple of addons. There were indications that installing these, with a snap installation, may not be the easiest way to go. The problem is that a lot of the instructions were before 2.10 was out so those may not actually apply.

    Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts on this one - thank you...........
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    Re: gimp 2.10.??

    I have avoided all snap packages and will continue to do so.

    Using the latest repository version, I have a .config/GIMP/2.10 directory in my home directory. I have no other GIMP-related files in my $HOME.
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    Re: gimp 2.10.??

    If you had the snap version, but don't any longer, then just delete the ~/snap/gimp folder.
    You can double check to see if it is indeed not installed with
    snap list
    anything listed is installed.
    As far as I know snaps work like other packaging/software where if something goes into the home folder for it it does not remove it when the package is uninstalled.
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