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Thread: Headless TeamViewer on Ubuntu 19.10

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    Question Headless TeamViewer on Ubuntu 19.10

    Hey folks!

    I have been attempting to connect to my home server running Ubuntu 19.10 over TeamViewer from my other devices (Linux computers, Android phones or Windows computers) in vain. I have tried fiddling with Xorg configurations, installing and uninstalling various things.

    To summarise:

    • Unable to connect to the server without a monitor connected. It does connect, but I end up on a black screen.
    • When I installed 'xserver-xorg-video-dummy' package and tried setting Xorg configurations in 'etc' and 'usr' in their respective paths, I could no longer log in to Ubuntu by entering by username and password via TeamViewer on the Ubuntu login screen until I got rid of it via ssh. Also, when I installed the package, my mouse and keyboard stopped working. Only through TeamViewer, it was accessible. Installing the package also disabled my monitor.
    • The same issue persists when I am using with the monitor and I disconnect the monitor while TeamViewer is running.

    What I am looking to do:

    • Have a headless Ubuntu 19.10 server accessible over TeamViewer.
    • Should be able to use when monitor is also connected.
    • All hardware should be accessible.

    Any help or suggestion would be welcome, even the ones I have already tried in case I did it wrong. Please suggest. Thanks for reading!


    I have solved it and put up my answer here:
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