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Thread: Alsamixer and headphones problem

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    Alsamixer and headphones problem

    Hi beautiful people!!

    So, I freshly installed kubuntu 18.04 LTS (on my MSI GE75 Raider 9SF-1067UK) and everything works fine, apart from the audio with headphones.. when I plug in my headphones, alsamixer mutes the speakers and unmutes the headphones (which is correct), but this way the volume from the headphones is very low and even if I raise Master volume to 100%, is stays fixed low.. BUT, if in the terminal I manually unmute the speakers and raise the speakers volume, it works, the volume from the headphones raises accordingly, I can set it to 100% and control Master volume with arrow keys and all goes smoothly.. just, alsamixer doesn't remember these settings and if I unplug the headphones and plug them in again, the problem starts over, I have to manually unmute and increase the Speakers volume again..

    Note that even if I unmute the speakers, they don't emit any sound, it still comes from the headphones!!

    Doesn't this sound a bit wrong??.. I should be able to control the Master volume for both speakers and headphones, right??

    Also, Auto-mute mode is Disabled.. does that mean that when I plug in the headphones alsamixer should NOT switch off volumes??

    Anyway, how do I solve this problem??.. I thought I could create a custom shortcut for increasing/decreasing the Speakers volume and use them when I plug in my headphones.. I already tried to follow the solution provided in the link below - by setting as command
    amixer -D pulse sset Speaker 5%+
    but it doesn't work:

    Any other solutions??
    Thanks in advance!!
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    Re: Alsamixer and headphones problem


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