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Thread: 0.55 no IRQ handler for vector during instalation

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    0.55 no IRQ handler for vector during instalation


    I'm quite new to linux (and lubuntu). but I've decided to boot an old pc in lubuntu.
    I'm booting from a usb drive and after i press on install lubuntu i get: no IIRQ: 0.55 no irq handler for vector.
    i've already tested the memory unsing memtest and looked on the web. When I tried ubuntu and linux mint I've gotten the same problem.
    my specs are:
    the motherboard: pegatron M2N78-LA
    4 gb of ram
    amd phenom 8750 triple core processor
    gt 610

    Can someone plz help me and keep in your mind that I'm quite new to linux

    greets anakwaboe

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    Re: 0.55 no IRQ handler for vector during instalation

    Hello and Welcome!

    Please see the link. It is an old post, but may be applicable. I saw this with the Deepin OS and though unresolved it never caused any problems with using the operating system.
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