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Thread: catfish symbolic link loop

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    catfish symbolic link loop

    I have been running Xubuntu 19.10 for several weeks and noticed what appears to be a bug that appeared recently.

    When you install WINE it makes symbolic links from the My Documents, My Music, etc. folders in your wine username folder in ~/.wine to your ~/Documents, ~/Music, etc. folders and some symbolic links from ~/.wine/dosdevices/ to other folders.

    Catfish never had a problem with these links in the past. Now it can't handle them properly.

    Now whenever I search for something in my home (/home/username) folder Catfish looks like it follows the symbolic links in the wine prefix folder back to the /home/username folder and locks in a loop continuously finding the same files over and over until I quit Catfish.

    Anybody out there know how to fix or prevent this?
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    Re: catfish symbolic link loop

    In the Catfish preferences, exclude these symlinks to prevent Catfish from searching these. According to the release notes of 1.4.10, the version that ships with ubuntu 19.10, linked folders should be searched only once, but then, that feature may currently not be working as intended.
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