What have you done?
Come to the dark side, Luke.

It has its upsides. My wife has quieted all but the posts about puppies and kitties. Like that.

Marketplace too, some folks try to sell used stuff for $5 less than a new one, but every now and then you find someone reasonable who knows "flea market value." I found a 70's small stereo cabinet complete with turntable shelf and 12" LP album storage for $25, and a barely used Gorilla Rack workbench for $35. And sold so much, I used to cross post on Craigslist but Marketplace won out every time.

Anyway sorry to get off topic, but it's a good place to look for CB's/hams. Many of these people buy something with the intent to use it and it sits in the garage for years before they figure out it's just taking up space.