Looking for some help in where to start with this project.
I want ZFS and do not want FreeBSD because of the lack of Docker support. Yes I know you can do a VM but why waste resources when you can do Docker right in Ubuntu.

So...Where do I start.

1. My overall experience is with UNRAID server, some command line but mostly a GUI
2. My primary experience in Linux has been the Ubuntu Server flavour over the years and most of it has been copy and past commands from Tutorials around the Interweb.
3. I want to build a new server but using Ubuntu Server 19.10 because of the native support for Nvidia Drivers and want to take advantage of Hardware Acceleration for Plex (Docker or Snap Packages).
4. I like to have Nextcloud setup with reverse proxy
5. I also want to use ZFS for the Storage Array.
6. I want to be able to have the NAS portion separate from the main server. I was hoping to use a couple Disk Shelves and then use SAS connection to have it all work together.

Currently I have a test server setup:
CPU: 7700k
Boot: 250GB NVME
Storage Drives: 3x1TB Spinning Rust & 1x1TB SSD
Video Card: Nvidia 1060

I currently installed Ubuntu 19.10 Server and just confused on where to start.

Any help would be appreciated.