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Thread: VideoDownloader GUI for Youtube, Vimeo and others

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    VideoDownloader GUI for Youtube, Vimeo and others

    Hi everyone,
    just got done with a GUI for dowloading videos and/or audios from video platforms like youtube or vimeo.

    There are a bunch of such projects out there, why writing another one?
    1)Interface should be fast, simple and easy to use
    2)The video/audio quality should be very good- this was the main goal.

    The code is written in python3, using the pygi (GTK3+) library. The workhorses are <snip> and ffmpeg.

    If you are interested you can have a look <snip>
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    Re: VideoDownloader GUI for Youtube, Vimeo and others

    Given that downloading youtube videos is subject to youtube's ToS and that downloading copyrighted material from youtube is a crime in many jurisdictions, we do not allow discussions regarding such downloads.

    Please read The Forum Rules and The Forum Posting Guidelines

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