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Thread: A Place For The Makers At The Forum? Electronics Hobbyist Subforum.

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    A Place For The Makers At The Forum? Electronics Hobbyist Subforum.

    Is it possible to request that a new subforum be created? There's currently no place for electronics hobbyist discussion at the forum that I can find.

    The Cafe is too general. Other OS talk is all software. Hardware is a support forum. General help is also a support forum and it's unspecified by definition.

    I think this would be a good bridge to build for you guys. It's recently becoming quite commercially successful (search "Arduino"), and the electronics community is filled with bright, young, and energetic joiners that would be an asset to Linux and Ubuntu if they felt at "home" here.

    Programming talk is the closest thing, but I don't really want to talk about assembly language very often, or stack based compilers, really, ever. FORTH is very nice, yes I agree. Thank you for that.

    Should this go somewhere else like Launchpad? The hallways and lobbies around this place are big and booming, and I can't find a map.

    Edited to add: You absolutely should have somewhere here for the Raspberry Pi folk, too. There's a new spin coming out that's Pi compatible, no?
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