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Thread: The programming forum question

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    The programming forum question

    Hi all!
    I am wondering, who the Ubuntuforums programming sub section is meant for?
    Was it intended for people who program directly towards Ubuntu and have questions in such a regard or was it 'for everything'?

    For example, i use Java SE and Java EE, but i dont know any good forums to ask general questions, stackoverflow in such a regard is
    totally out of the question, burnt my fingers there a few times.

    Would the ubuntuforums programming section be a good place to ask such questions, or does anyone know
    of a good forum where i would be able to discuss topics with others like we do here when we have Ubuntu / Linux issues.

    Googling Java forums didnt make me any wiser, because the suggestions that came up and the links i visited didnt give me much.
    The only Java forum that i do know of (because it comes up in search results) is coderanch, but i have no personal experience with it.

    Anyone that have any good suggestions from personal experience?

    Quite a broad question (sorry)

    Thanks in advance
    Best regards!

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    Re: The programming forum question

    The sub forum strapline feels clear enough in answering your first question.

    Forum: Programming Talk
    This forum is for all programming questions.
    The questions do not have to be directly related to Ubuntu and any programming language is allowed.

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    Re: The programming forum question

    As above it's open, how many responses you get will depend on how many Java developers stop in and are willing to respond. Yes Stackoverflow can be rough, I rarely use it for questions, mostly reading. The dreaded "why are you even trying to do that?"


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