I have upgraded to Eoan and noticed that Evolution or Gnome Calendar do not quite sync with Google Calendar.
I created events on Google Calendar via Gmail or my phone via the mobile app that show on Evolution.
If I edit that event on Google Calendar, it takes a fairly long time to update and show on Evolution/Gnome. If I delete the event on Gmail or the mobile app, it doesn't sync at all. I still see the event on Evolution.
If I delete the event on Evolution/Gnome -even if it has been deleted on Gmail, it refreshes and still shows the event as though I hadn't deleted it -without showing it on Gmail though.
But it syncs very quickly if I add an event on Evolution.
I am using Evolution 3.34.1-2, Gnome calendar 3.34.2, they both synced with my Gmail/Google account.
Does anybody have the same issue?