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Thread: shell script to control a shell script?

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    shell script to control a shell script?

    I'm still new with linux but, I have a server with ubuntu 18.04.

    I've installed and gotten running a rust game server using LGSM
    I control the server with commands like: ./rustserver restart, ./rustserver wipe.

    During a wipe and/or an update i have to do somethings manually that i'd like to automate.
    But I cant get my script to control the other script, I'd be grateful of some pointers or even a good link to read up on this type of thing.

    heres my script:
    echo "Wipe & update Started Please Wait"
    ./rustserver stop
    sleep 30s
    rm /home/rust1/serverfiles/oxide/data/Kits_Data.json /home/rust1/serverfiles/oxide/data/PlayerRanks.json /home/rust1/serverfiles/oxide/data/ServerRewards/player_data.json
    echo "Plugin Data Deleted Successfully"
    Sleep 2s
    echo "Full Wipe Starting"
    ./rustserver wipeall
    echo "Full Wipe Process Completed"
    sleep 10s
    echo "Updating Rust Now"
    ./rustserver update
    sleep 120s
    echo "Updating Oxide"
    ./rustserver mods-update
    sleep 120s
    Echo "Updates Completed Starting The Server!"
    the other issue is I'm putting time delays in because i dont know how to get my script to interact with the other one
    ./rustserver stop
    this will start a 'softstop' which can take upto 30 seconds, then says something like 'server stopped' but my scripted doesnt know that so i have to just make it wait x seconds?

    Thanks in advance for any help

    this is the script I'm trying to control from LGSM:
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    Re: shell script to control a shell script?

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    Re: shell script to control a shell script?

    ./rustserver will only work if you're in the directory where rustserver is stored. Use a full path like /usr/local/bin/rustserver or whatever.

    Also, I'm assuming you've marked your script executable, right?
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    Re: shell script to control a shell script?

    The output from 1 command can be read by a shell script.
    the return code/exit status from the prior program can be checked by reading $#. In Unix, a zero (0) exit means everything is fine. A non-zero exit means something else happened.

    For learning more about bash scripting with lots of examples, google these:
    * Beginning Bash Scripting Guide
    * Advanced Bash Scripting Guide
    * man bash
    * Unix Power Tools


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