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Thread: Postfix send from but from server of

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    Postfix send from but from server of

    I have setup a postfix server that works pretty much flawlessly with spf records and such for and I can send mails from it without being flagged as spam but only if I send with but if I send it with without the subdomain, it's flagged as spam or untrusted. Obviously because I set up the whole process for the subdomain and the A record is only pointed from

    Now the question is really, I don't want the A record from to be changed as it is hosting something else, but I still would like to send mails using instead of the subdomain prefix also. Is it possible to somehow do it without being flagged as spam? And without pointing A record to the postfix server?

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    Re: Postfix send from but from server of

    Is there an SPF record for

    Without more details it's hard to know what else to suggest. Can you give us an example of a message that is marked as spam? If you reveal the full headers for the message on the receiving end, does it include a header that indicates why it was identified as spam?

    You might also add an A record for like this:

    @    IN    SOA (
           IN     NS,
           IN     NS  ns2.mydomain,com.
           IN     MX   0
           IN     TXT  "v=spf1 ~all"
           IN     A
    mail   IN     A
           IN     TXT "v=spf1 ~all"
    Adding DKIM signing is also a good idea. You can install the opendkim package from the repositories and add the appropriate support in Postfix.
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    Re: Postfix send from but from server of

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't know you could set the spf for the host if it wasn't the same domain, it's working great now!


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