In my setup I have a KVM box that works like a charm on OSX, Ubuntu and Windows.

However there is one very annoying thing that happens only on Ubuntu:

Ubuntu display is extended to a large second monitor in addition to the laptop screen, but when I leave the Ubuntu box with the KVM switch, Ubuntu no longer detects the kvm as being a connected screen.
So the display is reset to the default single screen display on the Ubuntu laptop.
That is annoying because all my windows are resized, reordered and moved to the single screen display.
So each time I return to the Ubuntu box from another box, I have to setup all of my display options all over again in Ubuntu.
Using a kvm seems like a greener option than running three 2560x1440 monitors in the cubical but if the cost of doing so is to constantly reconfigure the Ubuntu display then that is a real deal breaker.

Is that fixable? And if it is, then how? because the command lines, monitor.xml, and other xrandr tricks did not help a bit.

Thank you.

A great weekend to all and happy veterans day on Monday!