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Thread: Ubuntu Cleaner is not installable in Ubuntu 19.10

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    Ubuntu Cleaner is not installable in Ubuntu 19.10

    Is there a solution to this irritating issue ?
    I noticed that the system cleaner I have been using - Ubuntu Cleaner - is not installable in Ubuntu 19.10.
    Probably because Python 2 has been removed (?).
    Trying to install the tool with:
    > sudo apt install ubuntu-cleaner gives the following error message:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    ubuntu-cleaner : Depends: python-aptdaemon but it is not installable
    Depends: python-aptdaemon.gtk3widgets but it is not installable

    python-aptdaemon is not available for Ubuntu 19.10 (python3-aptdaemon is though).
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    Re: Ubuntu Cleaner is not installable in Ubuntu 19.10

    There is a ppa for it but why. Linux doesn't need cleaners like Windows does. Other than the kernels the other stuff takes up so little space it almost isn't even worth the space on the drive for the app itself. And those can be removed with a simple
    sudo apt --purge autoremove
    Apt cache
    sudo apt clean
    You can write a script to run occasionally for it. Run with sudo.

    # clears apt cache
    apt clean
    # cleans old configs and kernels as well as unneeded dependencies.
    # i purge all apps individually with this command like so. total cleanout.
    # apt --purge autoremove $APP
    # without the specific $APP it just removes everything that isn't needed.
    apt --purge autoremove
    # removes user thumbnails
    for user in /home/* ; do
      rm -r "$user"/.cache/thumbnails
    Don't need a whole app to do it. Does same thing without a whole package + dependencies minus the gui.

    I wouldn't mess with the /home/"$USER" stuff though. Most people's computer habits are fairly consistent. Stuff will just get recreated again. No real point.
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