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Thread: Options for maintaining connectivity when the power is cut?

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    Re: Options for maintaining connectivity when the power is cut?

    Just got a shiny new Android Moto phone. Thanks for your input, all. I think I'll be good.... need to work with it a bit and try out that PdaNet+ app.

    I'll update the thread once I get it working or not. I was offered a lot of other options at the various cell provider storefronts today, but they all kind of suck (money, if nothing else...) All those Salesmen and wanna-be contract lawyers... Yikes. T-Mobile seemed to have the most competitive offers, but I think I'll stick with my current provider for now. It's multi-network, so it may be the best option for maintaining connectivity in the event of a blackout, anyway. It will have the flexibility to choose the tower with internet access over the one with just basic voice because it isn't tied to a single network.

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    Re: Options for maintaining connectivity when the power is cut?

    Legacy Telcos had 46v DC Power (thanks to Edison) with Battery backup, usually 8 hours and that was backed up with usually diesel generators and significant fuel supplies, which could be replenished. I once designed a facility which had 12 hour UPS backup dual generators and a 14 day fuel supply.
    This are no longer the norm.
    After the federal levees failed in New Orleans cell service failed after a while but text services continued unaffected. The main switching equipment went down not because backup power failed but because the AC cooling towers failed due to lack of make up water.
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