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Thread: 2 Issues: Main menuLibre & Desktop strangeness

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    2 Issues: Main menuLibre & Desktop strangeness

    Greetings all,

    I have a 4-5 year old Acer Aspire R5. It is a un-remarkable laptop that has been working fine.
    I recently had Linux Mint 18 on it and it ran wit no issues.
    I recently wiped the hd and wanted to Cleanly install Linux Mint 19 on my machine and sound these small but annoying errors.
    I thought the bottom one might be a video driver problem but am not sure any more.

    My first issue is about the Mate Main menu. I have duplicate folders showing. I have the duplicate Internet, Programming, and System Tools folders.
    I have used the program MenuLibre to hide or delete the duplicate folders to NO Avail.
    If I delete one folder, both are deleted from the Menu Editor. If I hide One of the two duplicates both are hidden.
    See Photos.

    My second issue is that I have a 'box' that I made over a set of icons just recently and it continues to be shown.
    The rectangle that I made does not disappear.

    Screenshot at 2019-11-06 17-35-19.jpgscreenshot.jpg

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    Re: 2 Issues: Main menuLibre & Desktop strangeness

    Moved to MINT sub-forum.

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