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Thread: Extremely low mic input voice

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    Extremely low mic input voice

    For some reason I'm having issues with my mic input voice levels. In system audio settings and in Discord, I can see that my mic input voice is extremely low even if the mic input is 100% on both system audio settings and Discord. I could not increase the mic gain from alsamixer for but I managed to increase the mic input line to 150% using pavucontrol. This did help a bit but the voice is still really quiet and hard to hear for other users in voice channels.

    I have Asus Strix Soar sound card and it is identified a STRIX SOUND CARD when using aplay -l. I'm running Ubuntu 19.10.

    Is there any way to continue debugging the issue and increase the sound input gain?

    EDIT: Seems like my problem is quite identical to this one, but instead of having a USB sound card I have a PCI-E card.
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