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Thread: Funky little OS stuff.

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    Re: Funky little OS stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by sdsurfer View Post
    So GnuCash won't work from you? It was one of the first things I did, exported my QuickBooks files as .IIF and imported them into GnuCash, it works better, easier to use, and of course free. A bit of a learning curve though, and the graphs/reports are fairly basic (I seldom need them anyway.)

    Their dev team is really responsive to reported bugs, I had one just the other day with the latest version and they already have a patch in the next push but told me how to correct it locally.
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    Re: Funky little OS stuff.

    Here's an interesting one...

    Install the Brave Browser from the Snap on Ubuntu 19.10, and the launcher doesn't work from the side menu. It does work if you go into the apps menu though. It also works fine in Kubuntu 19.10, through the launcher, or K Menu.

    Weird stuff like that.
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