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Thread: Need help with missing values in GKrellm

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    Need help with missing values in GKrellm

    I have a strange thing happening with my GKrellm installation over time on four computers. For some reason I keep losing the cpu % utilization value in several cpu panels. The graphs display but that is all that is in the panel. Right now on this computer I have CPU6, CPU9 and CPU10 not labeled for percentage of utilization. And just today I lost the utilization value of the composite cpu panel at the top of the application.

    On another computer I am missing the utilization for cpu6. And another computer is missing the utilization for cpu0.

    I have never been able to find anything in the GKrellm configuration menus that changes the appearance or visibility of the utilization printout in the panel. I can change the graphing to split user and system, but nothing toggles the utilization off and on. I have reinstalled GKrellm several times and never been able recover the lost numbers. Obviously, there are configuration files leftover after a uninstall that I am missing.

    Anyone else having this issue and have figured out a solution?

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    Re: Need help with missing values in GKrellm

    I only know of four configuration files with gkrellm -- and they are all in the .gkrellm2 folder (from what I recall).

    Also, when I manually make config changes, I only see one of the files getting updated.

    So, I don't believe there are any other gkrellm config files.
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